Guest Sessions - Using Pagers as Data Collection Tools

Track and Monitor Wait Times with Ease

Simple Paging Just Got Smarter

Using LRS’ free iOS application Guest Sessions paging feature, you can start, record and manage wait times more intelligently and store valuable service metrics.

Using Pagers as Data Collection Tools

Simply hand out pagers as you always do, now with the added benefit of measuring elapsed time. Guest Sessions tracks, records and stores guest wait time data. Guest sessions starts tracking elapsed time from the moment a guest receives a pager. Key metrics are recorded such as the amount of time it takes for a guest to be paged and how long it takes a guest to return the pager.

Guest Sessions Benefits:

Record Actionable Data
  • Record Actionable Data
Track and Compare Performance
  • Track and Compare Performance
Simple, Quick-Tap Interface
  • Simple, Quick-Tap Interface

How It Works:

1. Install Table Tracker IOS application on your iPad
2. Enable Guest Sessions on your T7470 transmitter
3. Add and sync additional iPads (up to 3 additional iPads)
4. Compatible with current LRS guest pagers